Portrait of Mahalia Jackson  – Oil on Paperboard

Subject & Description:

The famous gospel singer appears dressed in a red choir robe with her hands clasped together in a prayer position and located in a church setting with three large multi-colored stained-glass windows appearing in the dark background.

Artistic Theme:

This painting was originally commissioned by the husband of the artist's aunt shortly after the passing of the famous singer. However, upon its completion it was decided that the work of art should remain in the possession of the artist. Since then, the artist's mother has proudly displayed the artwork in the living room of each of her homes. She now resides in Houston Texas.

Original Painting Specifications:

-       Medium: Oil on paperboard
-       Where painted:  Oakland California, USA
-       Painting Size: 35.5 by 22.5 inches
-       Framed Size: 41.5 by 28.5 inches
-       Start Time period: April 1972
-       Completion Time period: May 1972