The King's Persona

The insides of a medieval style white chess piece King are exposed as the King floats above a chess board with missing black squares set high in the sky.

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Artistic Theme:

The King's Persona is inspired by a painting of a chess piece Knight that appeared in a magazine in 1979. The exposed insides of the King are inspired by a circa 1980s computer circuit board. The objects located on the chess board surrounding the king identify some common characteristics of his masculine identity. The background and chess board are painted in bold layers of color.

Original Painting Specifications:

  • Medium: Oil on canvas
  • Where painted: Arlington, VA; Gaithersburg, MD; Concord, CA; and other locations in Maryland USA
  • Painting Size: 48 by 40 inches
  • Framed Size: 52 by 44 inches
  • Start Time period: December 1980
  • Completion Time period: September 2011

See our Special Edition Process for: The King's Persona

Special Edition Process Overview

1. The blank area of the canvas (shown below) is hand-painted by the artist.

2.       The blank area for the canvas is prepared for re-painting.

3. An initial coating of oil paint is applied to the blank area and any other areas (as needed).

4. The final sky scene is completed.