Painting Data:

 o Series: Surrealistic Abstract

 o Medium: Oil on canvas

 o Painting Size: 14 by 18 inches

 o Start Date: Oct. 2018

 o Est. Completion Date: December 2019

Thirst for Gasoline

Social Commentary Series

Completed Works

Winners on Seven

Artworks Now in Progress

Description: Below is the painting in this series that is now in progress. The image and colors of objects, and the descriptions of the painting is subject to change.

Painting Now on the Drawing Board

Cards of House

Painting Data:

 o  Medium: Oil on canvas

 o  Painting Size: 72 by 48 inches

 o Start Date: March 2020

 o  Est. Completion Date: Dec. 2020


Description: Below are the wire-framed layouts of the remaining painting in this series. All paintings are oil on canvas. The name of each painting, its description, the set of colors used, and its final layout is subject to change.



The male and female subjects visualize their respective financial dreams while sitting or standing on the symbols of their success and set on a colorful table with a casino theme.

Original Painting Specifications:

  • Medium: Acrylic on canvas
  • Where painted: Prince Georges County Maryland, USA
  • Painting Size: 24 by 36 inches
  • Framed Size: 29 by 41 inches
  • Start Date: June 2017
  • Completion Date: October, 2017



At the center of the canvass a man appears to be trapped in a capped bottle while being partially submerged in sand. The bottle is set on a round green table and surrounded by table settings, his family, gambling objects, wolves, five very puzzling scenes and multiple colorful pill-shaped objects floating around the tabled.

Original Painting Specifications:

  • Medium: Oil on canvas
  • Where painted: Prince Georges County Maryland, USA
  • Painting Size:  48 by 60 inches
  • Framed Size: 56 by 68 inches
  • Start Date: September 2014
  • Completion Date: May 2015