The King's Persona

Unique Shapes Series

Completed Work


Multi-shaped abstract objects that are interconnected and painted using 5 colors in varying hues.

Original Painting Specifications:

  • Medium: Oil on canvas
  • Where painted: Prince Georges County Maryland, USA
  • Painting Size: 30 by 30 inches
  • Framed Size: 32.5 by 32.5 inches
  • Start Date: January 2019
  • Completion Date: May 2019

Unique Shapes in Five Hues

Paintings Now on the Drawing Board


Description: Below are the wire-framed layouts of the remaining 2 paintings in this series. All paintings are oil on canvas. All paintings are 20 by 20 inches. The name of each painting, its description, the set of colors used, and its final layouts are subject to change.


Unique Shapes in Four Hues

Painting Data:

 o  Medium: Oil on canvas

 o  Painting Size: 20 by 20 inches

 o Est. Start Date: Oct. 2019

 o  Est. Completion Date: Nov. 2019

Painting Data:

 o  Medium: Oil on canvas

 o  Painting Size: 20 by 20 inches

 o Est. Start Date: Oct. 2019

 o  Est. Completion Date: Dec. 2019

Unique Shapes in Six Hues